A Unique Parental Control App for Android

Know your kids are always safe: Get location updates, instant panic alert, schedule screen time and more!

Be A Super Parent!

With app block, app install block, time schedule and kiosk mode, guide your kids to make better digital choices. Now, keep them connected with location updates.

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Bit Guardian Parental Control will take only a few minutes out of your schedule.


Install the app on both the parent and kid devices.

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Create Bit Guardian Parental Control account.

Add Kid

Add your child by following the quick setup guide.


Control & manage your child’s activities from your phone.

Their Safety Is Our Concern

Bit Guardian Parental Control is for protective parents. Hit play for a reality check.

Kid Safety Features For New-Age Parenting

Bit Guardian Parental Control is packed with useful features to provide the security and flexibility that modern parents need.

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With Bit Guardian Parental Control, you need not worry about your kids anymore.

Designed with care & programmed to perfection, we let you set the most appropriate digital exposure for your kids. Enjoy the power to block applications, limit screen time and remotely monitor your kid's location. Bit Guardian Parental Control , trusted by parents worldwide is totally worth the try.